Highlighting Black voices on everything from tech to marketing, to anti-racism, and healthcare. By Julia Marchionda

Black History Month begins on February 1st and what better way to celebrate than highlighting some of Talent Bureau’s incredible Black voices. Here are 6 speakers to help your organization celebrate the month ahead.


Dr. Onye Nnorom

The theme for this year’s Black History Month is Black Health and Wellness—so of course, we have to highlight Dr. Onye Nnorom. In addition to being an incredibly accomplished physician, public health expert, and award-winning educator, Dr. Nnorom has been dedicated to her anti-racism and anti-oppression work since she was in elementary school. When she began her medical career is when Dr. Nnorom realized that the issues she was passionate about as a youngster are the same ones that affect the health of racialized people. Whether she is discussing the macro significance of microaggressions or enlightening the audience on the connection between racism and health and wellbeing, Dr. Nnorom’s talks are informative, illuminating, and inspiring.


Jesse Lipscombe

Do you ever want to make that one racist/homophobic/generally unpleasant family member feel as uncomfortable as they make you feel? Well, you’ve got Jesse Lipscombe’s permission to #MakeItAwkward. Started in 2016, #MakeItAwkward encourages everyday activists to respectfully confront those who make hateful remarks and let them know they won’t be tolerated. People can’t change overnight, but they can change; Jesse drives home how important these seemingly small acts of defiance make a big impact over time. Even those who don’t identify as confrontational will feel empowered to #MakeItAwkward.


Celina Caesar-Chavannes

Respectfully, Celina is a badass. Before being elected the first Black person to serve the Town of Whitby as a federal Member of Parliament, Celina established herself as an esteemed and successful entrepreneur. She is a shining example of women in leadership, unafraid to call out inequity, tokenism, and performative activism when she sees it. Today, Celina is a business consultant, coach, and international speaker. She also serves as the Senior Advisor of EDI Initiatives and Adjunct Lecturer at Queen’s University. 


Anthony N. Morgan

Having worked in legal aid, private practice, and now with the City of Toronto as the Manager of the Confronting Anti-Black Racism Unit (CABR), Anthony N. Morgan has over a decade of experience leveraging human rights law to address anti-Black racism. He has appeared before the Supreme Court of Canada, as well as two United Nations human rights committees in Geneva and Switzerland. By applying critical race theory in a contemporary context, Anthony sheds light on the dominant aspects of racism in our society, how they manifest, and how to address them to promote anti-racism in your organization. An expert in persuasion, Anthony can provide guidance on how to make your company’s mission stand out and get people (both internally and externally) to care about what it is.


Ross Simmonds

Content is king. And Ross Simmonds is whatever ranks above king. Emperor, perhaps? A digital marketing expert, master strategist, and entrepreneur, Ross is one of the most sought-after voices in the industry. His agency, Foundation Marketing, combines the power of data with creativity to develop and serve ambitious brands. With his leadership, the company launches marketing initiatives that reach millions of people across major social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. From the basics of social media to strategic content distribution, Ross is the one to listen to.


Takara Small

Her last name may be Small, but trust us when we say there is nothing small about her impact. Takara hosts not one, but two incredibly successful podcasts; she’s the tech expert for CBC Radio’s Metro Morning; and she’s the founder of VentureKids Canada, a non-profit providing free coding classes and workshops to young people living in underserved communities. Listening to her speak about the technology shaping our world is like getting a sneak peek into the future. Takara’s genuine passion for tech and STEM education comes through in everything that she does. Ready to book one of our experts for your next event? Let’s chat!

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