The events & entertainment industries had never experienced such a powerful shift. With venues, theatres and international travel put on hold, the future seemed unclear. Luckily, we had technology on our side and the world went virtual. From Zoom bombers to online concerts, virtual events rocked our world! Now that we’re reopening, will virtual events be able to withstand traditional events?


Here are three reasons why virtual events will continue to be a permanent part of the event industry


1. Cost-effectiveness

Virtual events are able to reach a greater audience at a cost-efficient price! Virtual events are less expensive to produce than traditional conferences & performances, and speakers often offer discounted rates. With more bang for your buck, your event planner might even be able to book a popular celebrity or speaker that you wouldn’t normally have the chance to work with.


2. Reaching Wider Audiences

Normally, your in-person event or conference would be limited to a local demographic (with the exception of international conferences). When you’re planning a virtual event, you’re able to reach anyone with access to the internet!


3. Tech Advancements

Although we aren’t flying to the moon and back for lunch (yet), we have seen some great tech advancements. The magic of AI can bring huge changes to the speaking industry? Have you heard of Microsoft’s HoloLens2? Check it out here.

Technological advancements have allowed our industry to bring unique and memorable experiences in people’s homes. We’re predicting now (quote us later) that we’ll be seeing holograms in our living rooms in a couple of years. I mean sure concerts are fun, but can you imagine Beyonce performing in your living room?!