Can we expect in-person events to make a comeback in 2021?

In late 2020 we began to see a slow comeback of traditional, in-person events. After strict lockdown measures, Australia & New Zealand cautiously eased restrictions on larger events. Weddings in Europe and Canada were no longer forced to postpone dates as banquet halls and convention centres prepared their spaces to ensure safe accommodation for the persons in attendance. Some speakers even got back to the physical main stage! Recently, one of the most popular North American motivational speakers, Ben Nemtin, participated in his first in-person keynote since the lockdown.

Our prediction is that at the end of Q4 of 2021, we will see full, in-person events return. But there will be a long-lasting impact of the pandemic no matter what the return to events looks like.

Buzzword to watch: Hybrid

Although it will be exciting to see in-person events on the rise, many people will still be hesitant to attend. Our team believes that hybrid events will be the “new normal” in the future.

Until COVID is managed globally, travel restrictions will prevent event planners from planning overseas. Our co-founder, Jeff Jacobson, believes that we will see many domestic-type conferences, with virtual access. He also believes that networking will be designed to uphold proper socially distant protocols. A.k.a don’t forget your masks!

Virtual events played such an important role in 2020 and allowed more people to connect with speakers than ever before. We don’t see virtual events going anywhere!

What can we expect from hybrid in-person events?

Mandatory Masks!

Socially Distant Seating

Limited Venue Capacity

COVID Test OR Vaccine “Passports”

In-person & virtual talent

Venue breaks to filter the air

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