Talent Services

We are committed to the careers of our talent, focusing on more than just finding speaking engagements and appearance opportunities. Our aim is to support and foster the growth of their careers on the whole.

Below is a sample of the services we offer talent:


  • Talk development and coaching
  • Personal branding and marketing
  • Sponsored influencer marketing campaigns
  • Crisis communications
  • Podcast consulting
  • Book publisher sourcing and contract support
  • Cross-border work permits
  • Media training
  • Patreon and other crowdfunding setup

And there’s more!

Working with our roster on projects is how we show value beyond finding engagements as well as scratch our own creative itches.

Biz Nasty Does BC – Fall 2017


Jeff Jacobson collaborated with Paul Bissonnette and his production team on dialogue and script notes for the highly touted mockumentary.


Sickboy – Documentary – CBC – Fall 2017


Jeff Lohnes consulted with and is featured in ‘Sickboy’ – the self titled documentary highlighting the genesis of their successful Canadian podcast and movement..

Interested in any of our talent services? We want to hear from you.