The Rebel Mama

Co-Founders of The Rebel Mama Inc | Bestselling Co-Authors of “The Rebel Mama’s Handbook for (Cool) Moms”

Nikita Stanely and Aleks Jassem are definitely not regular moms…

 In 2014, the two combined their talents and a mutual distaste for the typical mommy rhetoric to create The Rebel Mama. Adored by moms around the globe, these  “mommy-group drop-outs” use their platform to smash stigmas, create safe & judgement-free spaces, and foster community connections among their ever-growing audience. The Rebel Mama brand is celebrated for its embodiment of individuality, inclusivity, and authenticity. 


 The Rebel Mama(s) have worked with organizations and brands around the world to bring perspectives and insights from their community to audiences and marketing campaigns. They’re bold enough to be confident, fearless enough to be honest, and they’re brazen enough to set out to change the world.


 Between the two, Aleks and Nikita are mamas to three kids, a dog and a cat. Both reside in Toronto and survive (almost) exclusively on peanut butter sandwiches, Napolitano pizza, and coffee. So much coffee.

Want to be a cool mom too? Check out Aleks and Nikita’s bestselling book here.


Escaping The Mom Penalty 

The Rebel Mamas share insights into the driving factors behind “The Mom Penalty” (a phenomenon that sees working mothers encounter systematic disadvantages in pay, perceived competence, and benefits relative to childless women) and outline ways to avoid it.

Rebel on, Rebel Mamas!

Nikita and Aleks believe that a “cool mom” is one who doesn’t let parenthood take away from their true authentic selves. The Toronto-duo are ready to share their tips and tricks on how to stay your best self, after having kids.

Brand & Community Building

The fearless duo behind the global community, The Rebel Mama, share insights and stories on building brands and fostering communities to propel businesses forward.

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