Dr. Stephanie Estima

World-Renowned Health Expert | Founder, Hello Betty | Bestselling Author

Dr. Stephanie Estima is a world-renowned health expert on improving health span, lifespan, and optimal performance.   Through a deep understanding of neuroscience, metabolism, nutrition, and exercise physiology, she helps men and women make informed choices on evidence-based health strategies and tools.


Dr. Stephanie is the host of Better with Dr. Stephanie, a top-rated podcast with over 4 million downloads.  She has been featured on TV interviews, magazine covers, and hundreds of podcasts and had millions of people read her articles on medium.com.


Dr. Stephanie lives in Toronto, Canada, with her husband and three sons.  She is an avid weightlifter, a former bikini competitor, and a lover of languages.  Her chocolate short ribs have been known to make grown men cry.


The Neuroscience of Winning

Winning teams and employees are ones who are alert, generate more ideas, creatively solve problems, and stay calm in a crisis.


All of these A+ player attributes are possible when you learn how to tap into the brain’s reward system, and not only generate wins for the team, but experience exponential health and performance in all verticals of life. 


Dr. Stephanie Estima offers dozens of insights on how to set up your day to win through nutrition, supplements, movement, and behavioural psychology.  Surprisingly, small decisions often play a gargantuan role in how we view our contribution, value, and success at work. This talk takes complex science into actionable everyday items geared at upleveling baseline levels of motivation and focus at work and home life.


Beginning with behavioural psychology and tiny habits and ending with movement and nutrition, Dr. Estima will guide the audience on how to create world-class habits to optimize brain function, performance, and lifespan.


Key Learnings:

  • The brain’s reward system
  • The relationship between dopamine and testosterone
  • How testosterone is involved in decision making, clarity of thinking, and analyzing risk
  • Actionable habits to raise dopamine 2-10x above baseline (nutrition, supplement and movement considerations)
  • Actionable habits and tactics to raise testosterone as we age (nutrition, supplement and movement considerations)
The Corporate Spartan

What if every executive knew the strategies and tactics about peak performance and human health as an elite athlete or a modern day Spartan?


These executives would be sharp as a spear, create solutions like generals, and be centered and stoic like the eye of a storm.  This would invariably translate to better outcomes, leaders who lead from the front, and a tighter-knit community built on trust.


Dr. Stephanie Estima specializes in the science of optimal health and performance.   Built for a corporate audience, this engaging talk will go over how to leverage the limits of human possibility by looking at levers for maximal performance including sleep, creating an environment for concentration and limiting digital distraction, enhancing creativity & problem solving and memory and stress management.


Key Learnings:

  • What the masters do every day ( a look at high performance athletes across various disciplines)
  • Getting in the high performance zone and staying there
  • Optimizing brain function as we age
  • Optimizing Creativity, Problem solving, and Memory capacity
  • Recover Like a Boss & Stress Management
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