Sophie Grégoire 

Well-Being and Mental Health Ambassador | Emotional Literacy Thought-Leader | Gender Equality Advocate


Sophie Grégoire is a brilliant voice of our generation on a mission to ignite an emotional evolution. A leader of mental health progress, Sophie encourages people to become more aware of their emotions and focus on the inner workings of their personalities. Sophie believes that by building a better relationship with ourselves, we can form fuller and happier communities around us. 


For more than two decades, Sophie has travelled around the globe advocating for gender equality, mental health and emotional literacy issues. Throughout the years, she has contributed thoughtfully written pieces addressing the topics she is passionate about on media platforms such as Arianna Huffington’s Thrive and the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) official website. She is currently writing a mental health book with more announcements to come. 


Sophie began her career in television and radio in 1999, hosting popular cultural, wildlife, extreme sports, entertainment and technology shows. Through her experience as a host, she conducted hundreds of interviews with high-profile celebrities and offered presentations for or alongside influential figures working to form a positive impact on society like Malala Yousafzai, Amal Amaluddin Clooney, Michelle Obama and Hillary and Chelsea Clinton. 


In 2022 Sophie was honoured as the first-ever National Volunteer for the Canadian Mental Health Association, an organization focused on redefining and destigmatizing mental health and illnesses. She’s also a Youth Leadership Global Ambassador for Plan Canada and the “Girls Belong Here” program. In 2018, Sophie received the Humanitarian of the Year Award from the United Nations Association of New York. 


As a celebrated public figure, Sophie continues to use her social media platform to connect with audiences and provide them with insightful and educational tools to help them combat their hardships. As an initiative to break down mental health stigma, Sophie partnered with ELLE Magazine and interviewed influential personalities to share their mental health challenges and life-changing tips, both in English and French. 


Sophie is the proud and loving mother of three children and a multi-hyphenate achiever. She is an outdoor enthusiast and adventurer, a certified PADI underwater diver, a level-one alpine ski instructor, and a hatha yoga teacher. Her yoga and meditation skills proved helpful during the pandemic when she used them to virtually help others connect with themselves in a time of great uncertainty.


Mental Health

A life-long mental health advocate, Sophie has met with important global leaders to raise awareness on how to implement efficient mental health solutions. In this personal and emotional keynote opportunity, Sophie shares her knowledge of the mind, body and heart connection and part of her own suffering. She also highlights the significant steps we are taking to educate communities through unique neuroscience tools and inspire audiences to express what is repressed to make progress!

Gender Equality & Conscious Leadership

Despite the progression of gender equality, many societies still face inequality and the underrepresentation of women in leadership roles. For more than 20 years, Sophie Grégoire has been an advocate for gender equality and has worked with world leaders and influential public figures to shed light on gender discrimination. She has learned the importance of female leadership and the importance of gender-diverse leaders to build sustainable work environments for generations to come. In her keynote, she will share how fostering equality within ourselves will make us better and more conscious leaders in our homes and our working environment.

Emotional Literacy

Sophie Grégoire helps bring people closer to their own inner wirings, so they better understand how they function and thrive. – and to understand the power they have over their selves. This talk explores how we can better regulate our emotions and states of stress and anxiety. She will explain how our interconnectedness is a riverbed for creativity, overall health and progress.

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