Living Lightly

Living Lightly is a complimentary keynote to the book of the same name. Dale Curd and Kim Alexander focus on how developing a deeper relationship with ourselves can lead to stronger reltionships personally and professionally, as well as more balance and success. This talk contains meditiations and strategies for a lighter and more fulfilling life.

Meet Dale and Kim

Living Lightly: The Book


Living Lightly offers a year’s worth of opportunities to commune, in the deepest and most beautiful sense of that word, with your self and your life. Featuring timeless wisdom, inspiring quotes and simple, practical strategies to help you boost your happiness, Living Lightly invites you to explore how your mind works, understand and express your feelings and be reminded that you are much, much stronger than you realize. Living Lightly is a great way to start or end the day.

Living Lightly Dale Curd

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