Karyn Gordon

Dr. Karyn Gordon

Relationship Expert | CEO, DK Leadership
Authority on Generational Differences in the Workplace

Dr. Karyn Gordon is on a mission to inspire people to dream big and learn how to achieve those dreams. She is one of North America’s leading authorities on understanding and motivating Generation Y.  A bestselling author and media personality, Gordon has delivered more than 1000 keynotes to more than 500 million people from 15 countries. Karyn has presented her keynotes to Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, government agencies, and professional organizations. She has helped them foster the necessary communication and emotional intelligence skills needed to drive success at work and at home.


Karyn is the founder and CEO of DK Leadership, a leadership and coaching company. The company specializes in coaching emotional intelligence skills for organizations and families. Additionally, she is a regular expert for Good Morning America (USA) and Cityline (Canada). She is also a producer of Success Stories on Rogers television and has previously written regular columns for New York Parenting and Chatelaine magazines. 


A bestselling author, Karyn has published resources for parents, teachers and counsellors. She has a Bachelor’s in Psychology, Masters in Counselling and Doctorate in Marriage and Family. She has also done extensive studies on generational differences, personalities, leadership, and emotional intelligence.


Dr. Karyn Gordon is frequently interviewed by national media sources including National Post, Globe & Mail, CTV, Maclean’s and more. She has spoken to national corporations including PepsiCo, Maple Leaf Foods,  and Motorola to name a few.

In unrelated news, Karyn is a regular guest on CityTV’s CityLine.


The Power of Understanding & Motivating Gen Y


Many Gen X, Boomer & Traditionalist managers admit that they are puzzled trying to figure out how to effectively lead Gen Y’s. The great news is that Gen Y’s are not only open to learning), but they are also hungry to advance professionally. In addition, they have many outstanding and often overlooked skills that many organizations don’t fully utilize. In this keynote, Karyn Gordon will help you to understand the “cultural DNA” of all five generations. She will highlight how different Gen Y is from previous generations, and why employers should focus on leading them effectively. 




The Power of Giving & Receiving Feedback


Gen Y’s are hungry for feedback. Like other generations, they want to know how they are performing at work. Unfortunately, research tells us that many managers often don’t know how to give feedback effectively. Gen Y’s often complain that their performance reviews are too vague and infrequent to be effective. Without proper training, organizations run the risk of seeing their Gen Y’s disengaging or quitting altogether because of infrequent or ineffective feedback. Learning how to give and receive feedback is at the cornerstone of effective managing and leading for all generations.




The Power of Maximizing Engagement

Engagement drives performance, job satisfaction, culture and retention. While many progressive companies understand why engagement is important, they are often unsure about how they can improve it within their organization. Maximizing engagement helps to inspire us and raise our energy levels at work and at home.


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