Jeremy Miller

Bestselling Author of Sticky Branding: 12.5 Principles To Stand Out, Attract Customers and Grow An Incredible Brand

President of Sticky Branding


Jeremy Miller is a brand builder, keynote speaker, and the president of Sticky Branding — a brand building agency.


For Jeremy, branding is deeply personal. After watching his family’s business nearly hit rock bottom, he and his team were forced to take a long hard look at the way the company was run, and at the industry as a whole.


What Jeremy realized was it wasn’t his company’s sales people or processes that were failing them, it was their brand. They regrouped, revamped, and rebranded the business, and within a year had turned the corner and rocketed into growth mode.


That experience inspired Jeremy to embark on a decade-long study of how small- and mid-sized companies grow recognizable, memorable brands — what he calls Sticky Brands.


Fast forward to today, Jeremy has interviewed thousands of CEOs and business owners and profiled hundreds of companies across dozens of sectors. He lives and breathes marketing, branding, and business development, and he knows what it takes to grow a Sticky Brand.


Jeremy works with companies to develop branding and marketing strategies that make them stand out and drive sales. He is a sought after speaker delivering highly entertaining and informative keynotes speeches on branding and business development.


He is author of Sticky Branding: 12.5 Principles to Stand Out, Attract Customers and Grow an Incredible Brand. It is a Globe and Mail Bestseller, and it even beat Oprah (at least for one week).


“Branding isn’t about logos, taglines, and colors. Branding is about the bond you form with your customers.”



Sticky Branding: Create a First Choice Advantage

Duking it out with your competition is exhausting and unnecessary. Let your competitors fight over features and price. Your opportunity is to rise above the herd, and grow your company into a Sticky Brand.


Jeremy Miller shares practical, actionable ideas to challenge the giants of your industry and grow an incredible brand.


Based on a decade of research into what makes companies successful, Jeremy draws from hundreds of interviews with CEOs and business owners who have excelled within their industries.


Learn how to make your brand stand out, attract customers, and drive sales.


If It Aint’ Broke, Break It!

What made your business successful won’t make it successful.


At some point your business will face a critical incident. It’s inevitable. You will face a significant challenge that will force you to rethink, reimagine, and reposition your business. Many businesses are not equipped to handle these situations, and some even falter and fail. But you can not only survive, you can thrive.


Jeremy Miller will show you how to embrace change to grow your business through the generations. His talk features examples of successful companies that have been forced to reinvent themselves. He will show you how they overcame significant obstacles to grow into Sticky Brands.


You don’t want to miss this talk. Jeremy’s blend of stories, humor, and practical, actionable ideas will energize and inspire you to embrace change and grow your business into a Sticky Brand.


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