Erin Treloar

Founder & CEO, RAW Beauty Talks

Host of Raw Beauty Talks Podcast

Erin is a health coach, the Founder & CEO of Raw Beauty Co., and the host of the Top 10 podcast, Raw Beauty Talks.  She has interviewed hundreds of women from around the world, creating a global conversation about beauty, confidence and self love in today’s world.


 In 2017, Erin completed her health coaching certification and created Raw Beauty Co’s signature program to help people find freedom from the battle with food and their body. Her programs have helped thousands of men and women let go of their limiting beliefs to create the life they crave. 


One of her proudest accomplishments is the Raw Beauty Talks Society which supports programs raising self esteem in youth. To date they have sent over 2,000 students through Free To Be Talks, a media literacy program for youth in grades 6-8.


Erin’s work has been featured in publications including Elle magazine, the LA Times and Marie Claire amongst others.  She is a frequent contributor to Huffington Post, being named as one of HuffPo Canada’s Top 50 Bloggers.

Did you know? Erin is behind the #realstagram hashtag on Instagram that is intended to promote real beauty.


The Path to Success : Why Turning Inward Is The New North Star

Why are so many people struggling to feel healthy and happy in today’s world?  Media, societal pressures and environmental concerns are pulling us away from our greatest source of intelligence – our own self. This has both personal and professional impacts as depression, anxiety, job-dissatisfaction and burnout rates continue to climb. In this talk, Erin covers 3 mistakes almost everyone makes on the path to success that slow the process down, and shares 3 Tools to help you turn inward and propel forward. As a result, audiences will define their core feelings, identify their success factors, and create a healthier, happier, and ultimately more productive life. 


From Self Sabotage to Success : Overcoming The Obstacles We Create for Ourselves 

 We all want to feel happier, healthier and more successful in our relationships and careers but so often we create a plan, stick to it for a few weeks and then revert back to unhealthy habits that leave us feeling stuck and frustrated. Alternatively, we reach a goal but are left feeling unsatisfied and empty. In this talk, Erin helps the audience identify ways that they sabotage their own success through fear-based thinking, limiting beliefs and externally driven goals. Through data, personal experience and anecdote, Erin helps audiences accelerate growth in a meaningful way so that they can reach their goals faster and with more fulfillment.

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