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Deborah Perry Piscione

Authority on Changing Mindsets
Author, Secrets of Silicon Valley

Deborah Perry Piscione has uncovered how leaders are changing the mindsets of their companies and driving unprecedented innovation and growth as a result.  Her intriguing work stems from the stark differences between old-school power and new school leadership. Having worked as an insider at the White House and Capitol Hill, and then moving into the center of Silicon Valley, Deborah was struck by the vast differences in mindsets between the two coasts. She became fascinated by the collaborative cultures of innovation that dominate the Silicon Valley region, especially the voracious appetite for growing value from ideas. Provocative and wonderfully entertaining, Deborah’s presentations are a prerequisite for leaders looking to shake the status quo.

Deborah specializes in opening new ways of thinking and executing that unlock the organization’s full potential.


Changing Mindsets:  Getting Great Things Done in the Age of Innovation


We all understand how hard it is to change mindsets.  Since human behaviour can be unpredictable, we set policies and procedures to limit behaviour and focus our energies on managing productivity and investing in technological solutions…leading to cultures that over-reward production and under-reward creativity, risk-taking, problem-solving, and a general passion for innovation and growth.


In this breakthrough presentation, Deborah Perry Piscione shows that every organization can develop new mindsets,  organizational structures, and product development/ problem-solving processes that will maximize opportunities in the future.  Using examples from the most admired organizations and from her research into world-class business practices, Piscione shows how to create a culture where risk-taking is rewarded, Mavericks are encouraged, collaboration is nurtured, and leadership unlocks the potential of its workers.  This is a truly inspiring and pragmatic presentation on harnessing the energy in every organization.


The Secrets of Silicon Valley: Lessons from the Innovation Capital of the World

Why do governments around the globe keep sending delegations to Silicon Valley to try to discover its secrets? What is it that Silicon Valley can teach the rest of the world about creating value from ideas, build new forms of business and create disruptive innovation? The secret is in the synergy that creates an entrepreneurial ecosystem.


In this keynote, speaker Deborah Perry Piscione explains how different parts of the ecosystem come together as an interconnected web, such as the collaborative dynamics between private and public sectors, the interplay between higher education and the business community and the commercialization of know-how. Piscione takes a close look at the spirit of entrepreneurialism, examining the six characteristics that all Silicon Valley entrepreneurs radiate — passion, authenticity, love of ideas, an appetite for risk, trustworthiness, and resilience. You will find this an extremely enlightening and inspiring keynote.

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