Hayley Wickenheiser

Dr. Hayley Wickenheiser

Hockey Legend | Olympic Gold Medalist, Member of the IOC and Author | Leadership Expert


Most recently recognized by her peers by her induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame, her hockey IQ is highly respected in all areas of both the male and female game. She has played in or coached at four NHL development camps with the Philadelphia Flyers, the Edmonton Oilers and the Toronto Maple Leafs, the first woman in history to have done so. She also still holds the record for the most assists, points and goals for the Canadian Women’s National Team.


Hayley joined the Canadian National Women’s Team at just 15 years old and had a career spanning 23 years, retiring in 2017 to begin her pursuit of a career in medicine. She is a member of the Order of Canada, a member of the IOC Athlete’s Commission, Founder of The Canadian Tire Wickenheiser World Female Hockey Festival, a Medical Doctor, the Senior Director of Player Development with the Toronto Maple Leafs and most importantly, a mom to her grown son Noah.

WATCH: Hayley Wickenheiser | Hall of Fame Induction

“People would say, ‘Girls don’t play hockey. Girls don’t skate’. I would say, watch this.”


Buck it!

Hayley’s most recent theme encourages the audience to look for opportunities to buck the status quo when doing so means doing the “right” thing vs. following a herd mentality…. right off a cliff.

Health, Wealth & Wondering (in Sport and Life)

A doctor in residence and years of working with the most advanced medical technologies and medical minds in her on-ice career, Hayley offers a unique perspective of the ins and outs of the sports and medical fields and how they entwine, for better and for worse. She also addresses mental health in this session, speaking about her own experiences and that of those she loves.

How to stay motivated despite being at the top of what you do

Complacency kills! Wickenheiser offers advice on how to keep the desire alive.

Being a female in a male-dominated world

Wickenheiser explains what it was like to grow up playing with the boys and later playing men’s professional hockey overseas.

Teamwork & Success

What does a successful team need, and how did Team Canada succeed on the World Stage?

Change as a path to greatness

Wickenheiser shares with her audience the importance of always looking for improvements or opportunities for change within your life.

It's foolish to be normal

Success comes from going above and beyond what others normally do.

The Olympic Experience

What is it like to complete in both the summer AND winter Olympics?

Dealing with Criticism & Pressure

How to perform when it matters most—inspiration for the next generation of athletes and sports professionals in Canada to perform even better!

Customized Messages

Hayley has been public speaking for many years and can easily customize one of her existing messages to fit your event or project theme.

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