Technology Speakers

Ben Smith


Editor-In-Chief, BuzzFeed


Patrick Lee


Co-Founder, Rotten Tomatoes


Dag Kittlaus


Co-founder & CEO of Siri (acquired by Apple)


Eric O’Neill


Cyber-Security Expert


Alex Kenjeev


President, O’Leary Ventures


Andrew Au


President and Co-Founder, Intercept Group


Ben Makuch


Reporter, VICE News


Nikolas Badminton




James Altucher


Bestselling Author


Marc Randolph


Co-Founder, Netflix


Melissa Sariffodeen


Co-Founder & CEO at Canada Learning Code


Sean Silcoff


Globe & Mail Business Reporter


Ted Graham


Head, Open Innovation – General Motors


Dan Fricker


Head of Business Operations, Shopify Media


Ariel Garten


Founder, Muse


Paul Barter


Exponential Technology Consultant


Ann Makosinski


Google Global Science Fair Winner


Zahra Ebrahim


Founder and Principal, archiTEXT


Lane Merrifield


Co-Founder, FreshGrade & Club Penguin


Talent Bureau is proud to work with the most popular tech experts and the best technology speakers out there. They can address all kinds of topics related to technology, such as virtual reality, blockchain, augmented reality, automation, and digital centralization.


We are living through one of the greatest revolutions in human history; every day, I feel privileged to be alive during this unique period of time. We are more connected than ever; you could be reading this anywhere in the world, on a variety of different devices; you might have wireless headphones connected to a watch with a program that reads text; if you are, hearing that probably freaked you out a bit. Technology is changing so rapidly it can feel almost impossible to keep up with the newest innovations: new ways of manufacturing, of communicating, of transacting, of relaxing; it’s awe-inspiring.


To speak about how tech can help your organization is to speak about how tools have helped humanity rise to the top; it’s inconceivable that any type of social structure could exist without incorporating the latest and most relevant technology they can afford. Technology is a true paradigm shifter; imagine for a moment a world where every computer suddenly shut down. It would be anarchy, chaos, complete breakdown of the social fabric; that’s because we integrate new technologies into our lives seamlessly, a type of cultural evolution. In the same way cavemen couldn’t go back to a life without fire, new tech is here to stay. That’s okay; it makes our lives better, easier, more manageable. It connects us.


The consequence of this social evolution is that we begin to see computers and the Internet as a part of our lives; resultantly, it can be difficult to reconceptualize the tools and begin to view technologies in new, creative ways. This boxing in happens so rapidly as to go unnoticed; that’s why when a new technology like the blockchain rises through the public conscious through a cryptocurrency, we immediately associate it with financial transactions instead of, say, as a tool to ensure fair elections. With technology, you don’t want to get blocked in (pun intended) to a certain way of thinking.


You want creative thinkers to speak at your event; thinkers like Ben Smith, the editor-in-chief of Buzzfeed, the new media empire whose ability to rethink how we interact with each other and the media in our constantly shifting tech landscape has allowed them to capture a huge share of the online content market. Soon, our homes will be entirely automated through voice-commands, in large part due to the efforts of Dag Kittlaus, the co-founder and CEO of Siri, the company which created the assistant bought by Apple. As a pioneer of artificial intelligence, he can inspire your organization to reach for what others call impossible. Shopify is one of the most important tools on the Internet today, used by hundreds of thousands of online retailers. Dan Fricker, the company’s head of business operations, understands how to read tech trends better than most, and can give you the tools to do the same. Mark Randolph, meanwhile, saw an opportunity to disrupt big box retailer Blockbuster; and in doing so truly stopped himself from being blocked in by creating Netflix.


There are so many other amazing speakers available who have risen through the ranks of our digital society to create some of the greatest innovations in IT and tech. These are lessons you cannot go without if you hope to compete in the post-industrial society.


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