Guy Kawasaki


Chief Evangelist at Canva

Melissa Sariffodeen


Co-Founder & CEO at Canada Learning Code


Roberta Bondar


First Canadian Woman In Space


Lane Merrifield


Co-Founder, FreshGrade & Club Penguin


Andrew Pelling


2017 TED Senior Fellow


Ariel Garten


Founder, Muse the Brain Sensing Headband


Bruce Croxon


Chairman, Round 13 Capital


Takara Small


Tech Expert & Media Personality


Ted Graham


Head, Open Innovation – General Motors


Zahra Ebrahim


CEO & Co-Founder, Monumental


Ann Makosinski


Student Inventor and Media Darling


Hilary Corna


Former Senior Executive Officer, Toyota Asia

Ross Simmonds


Digital Strategist & Entrepreneur


Patrick Lee


Co-Founder, Rotten Tomatoes

Darren Shaw


Founder, Whitespark

Dr. Wade Davis


Explorer-In-Residence, National Geographic


Charlie Arnot


CEO, Center for Food Integrity


Andrew Au


Transformation & Modern Leadership Expert

Rachel Loui


Head of Int. Growth for US Customers, Business & Industrial Markets, Google 
China Expert

Dr. Brynn Winegard


Business-Brain Expert

Beau Lotto


Neuroscientist & Entrepreneur


Fionn Ferriera


2019 Google Global Science Fair Winner

Shannon Lee Simmons


Founder, New School of Finance

Genevieve von Petzinger


Paleoanthropologist & Explorer

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