Sports Speakers

Alexandre Bilodeau


Two Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Freestyle Skiing


Damon Stoudamire


Head Coach, University of the Pacific Men’s Basketball
Retired Professional Basketball Player, NBA


Bill Walton


NBA Legend


Cabral “Cabbie” Richards


Host, Bleacher Report Betting


Chantel Pettitclerc


Most Decorated Paralympian in Canadian History


Geroy Simon


CFL’s All-Time Leader in Receiving Yards


Hayley Wickenheiser


Most Decorated Female Canadian Hockey Player In History


James Altucher


Bestselling Author


James Duthie


TSN Newscaster


Jay and Dan


SC with Jay and Dan


Jon Montgomery


Olympic Gold Medalist & Host of The Amazing Race Canada


Josh Cassidy


Celebrated Paralympian


Kevin Weekes


NHL Network Star


Meaghan Mikkelson


3-Time Olympic Gold Medalist


Michael “Pinball” Clemons


CFL Hall of Famer


Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir


Three Time Olympic Gold Medalists


Paul Bissonnette


Co-Host, Spittin’ Chiclets


Scotty Bowman


Winningest Coach in NHL History


Shea Emry


Founder, Wellmen


Trevor Linden


Vancouver Canucks Legend


Jeff Adams


Paralympian and World Champion


Cassie Campbell


Olympic Gold Medallist & Broadcast Analyst


Nav Bhatia


Official Raptors Superfan


Kaleb Dahlgren


Diabetes Advocate & Athlete


Talent Bureau is honoured to work with some of the greatest sports stars of all time. Booking athletes and sports stars has been at the core of our business since day one. Let us help you get the most popular athletes you want for your event. Get inspired at your next event by a keynote talk or Q&A from your favourite Olympic icon, Stanley Cup champion or the coaches behind them.


The urge to compete. The countless hours of training, of going to the breaking point and trying to surpass, moving the goalposts back a bit each time as you improve. The camaraderie and teamwork. The friendly rivalries, the intense battles fought out in the field, and finally, the triumph as you emerge victorious. For intensity, passion, and lessons about life, nothing rivals sports.


Through sports, we learn to be more than, greater than, what we ever thought was possible. The lessons we learn about hard work, perseverance, about taking care of our bodies as well as our minds; these serve us well throughout the years. We learn to take losses with humility, and victories with grace. Most women who are CEOs played competitive sports at the high school or university level, so it’s clear that sport can serve us well in the business world. This comes at no surprise to the fierce competitors who love sport: the drive to do better, to succeed, to outthink and outwork others in your area. These are the qualities that spell success in the ferocious world of business, and hearing the success stories of talented athletes can help stoke the flame in any organization.


Greatness inspires greatness; that’s why on our roster, you can find some of the most successful athletes in the history of sport. Olympic Gold Medalists? There are several who work with Talent Bureau. Alexandre Bilodeau, the legendary freestyle skier who brought home Canada’s first gold in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, and in 2014 at Sochi, repeated the astounding feat. Jon Montgomery, Gold Medal Winner for skeleton racing in 2010, now hosts the Amazing Race Canada, and gives inspiring talks to Canadians about living outside their comfort zone to find their passion. Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir hold 3 Olympic Gold Medals, and 5 Olympic Medals total for their incredible feats in figure skating; they’ll talk to you about their incredible experience in the 2010 and 2018 Winter Games. 2 Time Olympic Gold Medalist Meaghan Mikkelson is here too; she’ll discuss growing up in a family dedicated to hockey, something many Canadians can relate to.


You might not be in the market for Gold Medalists, and that’s okay too; we have many athletes and commentators to inspire you, no matter who you’re looking for. Legendary two-time NBA Champion and All-Star Bill Waton will tell you first hand how a positive and loving mindset will help you win, in sports and in life. Geroy Simon, the CFL’s all-time leader in receiving yards, will connect with you about overcoming hardships to achieve your dreams. Scotty Bowman, the coach with the most Stanley Cup Championships under his belt and considered one of the greatest coaches, in all sport, of all time, will talk about the lessons he’s learned and imparted about leadership and teamwork.


Sport is one of the greatest things we can do in life; it teaches us lessons about dedication, passion, and ethics. It helps cultivate the drive; the drive to succeed, to push beyond, to break barriers and surpass limits.


Compete. Go Beyond. Choose Talent Bureau.