Andrew Au


President and Co-Founder, Intercept Group


Shane Gibson


Thought Leader on Social Selling & Digital Marketing


Michel Falcon


Renowned Customer Experience Speaker


Marc Randolph


Co-Founder, Netflix


Brian Wong


Founder and CEO of Kiip


Frank O’Dea


Founder, Second Cup


Terry O’Reilly


Host, Under The Influence


Dan Fricker


Head of Business Operations, Shopify Media


Shashank Nigam


Founder & CEO, SimplyFlying


How is retail evolving? Are frontline retail employees a thing of the past? How should you carry your brand into the future? Talent Bureau works with top leaders in retail who share their expertise in retail management, retail stocks, retail merchandising and beyond. Hear the best creators and strategists of your favourite brands like Netflix, Walmart, Second Cup and Molson tell their inspiring tales from retail, and receive practical takeaways that will help you to amp up your brand’s success.