Motivational Speakers

Sometimes, we all need a little motivation! Book a motivational speaker for your next event!

Talent Bureau’s motivational speakers are guaranteed to inspire your audience to set new goals and work hard to achieve them. These keynote speakers will share their personal experiences of trials and tribulations and their triumphant wins. Their life lessons and inspiring stories will help your audiences to picture themselves overcoming even the toughest obstacles.

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Jesse Thistle

Historian & Bestselling Author

Ann Makosinski

Student Inventor and Media Darling

Ben Nemtin

The Buried Life

Catriona Le May Doan

Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist

Kwame Osei

Inspirational Leader & Educator

Cassie Campbell

Olympic Gold Medallist & Broadcast Analyst

Harnayaran Singh

Host and Play-by-Play Commentator, Hockey Night in Canada

Harrison Browne

First Transgender Professional Athlete

Chantel Pettitclerc

Most Decorated Paralympian in Canadian History

Colin Angus

First Person To Travel The World Solely On Human Power

John Stix

Transformation Specialist

Dr. Wade Davis

Explorer-In-Residence, National Geographic

Erik Brown

Founder, Hydronauts Diving

Hayley Wickenheiser

Most Decorated Female Canadian Hockey Player In History

Devon Brooks

Co-Founder, Blow Dry Bars

Jon Montgomery

Olympic Gold Medalist & Host of The Amazing Race Canada

Josh Dueck

X Games Gold Medalist

Julie Angus

First Woman To Row Across Atlantic Ocean

Kevin Weekes

NHL Network Star

Kaleb Dahlgren

Student-Athlete, York University

Marc Randolph

Co-Founder, Netflix

Michelle Ray

Founder, Lead Yourself First Institute

Tamara Beatty

Voice Coach Consultant, NBC’s “The Voice”

The Buried Life

Stars of the Hit MTV Series “The Buried Life”

Warren MacDonald

First Double Above-Knee Amputee To Summit Mt. Kilimanjaro

Humble the Poet

Acclaimed Poet

Corey Hirsch 

Mental Health Activist 

Nav Bhatia 

Official Raptors Superfan 

Florence K

Host, C’est Formidable 

Arlene Dickinson 

Canadian Entrepreneur Icon

Karina LeBlanc

Head of  Women’s Football, CONCACAF