Management Strategy

Arlene Dickinson


CEO of Venture Communications


Dale Curd


Host, CBC’s Hello Goodbye


Celina Caesar-Chavannes


Entrepreneur, Former Elected Officer & Author


Patrick Lee


Co-Founder, Rotten Tomatoes


Daymond John


Star of ABC’s Shark Tank


Bruce Croxon 


Chairman, Round 13 Capital


Marc Randolph


Co-Founder, Netflix


Jodi Kovitz


Founder, #MoveTheDial


Michael Wekerle


Canadian Finance Expert


Roberta Bondar


First Canadian Women in Space


Geoff Colvin


Fortune Magazine Senior


Devon Brooks


CEO & Founder, Sphere

John Stix


Transformation Specialist


Tina Varughese


Diversity & Inclusion Expert


Paul Barter


Exponential Technology Consultant


Jennifer Moss


Member of the Global Happiness Council


Ted Graham


Head of Open Innovation at General Motors


Kevin O’Leary


Shark Tank & Dragon’s Den


Alex Kenjeev


President, O’Leary Ventures


The Hon. Christy Clark


35th Premier of British Columbia


Jenn Lim


Founder, Happier


Michelle Stacy


Former President of KEURIG, INC



 Whether you are looking for insights into small business management or large-scale corporate strategy, Talent Bureau’s management strategy experts offer practical tools that will revolutionize the way that you and your executives lead your company. We work with CEOs of major brands, experts from shows like Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den and the top management consultants in the game. They can cover a variety of topics, including finding the right business strategy for you, business strategy and the environment, performance measurement and change management.