Leadership Speakers

Doug Griffiths


Best Selling Author of 13 Ways to Kill Your Community


Bill Walton


NBA Legend


Catriona Le May Doan


Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist


Chantel Pettitclerc


Most Decorated Paralympian in Canadian History


Jade Simmons


Rockstar Concert Performer


Joe Theismass


World Champion Quarterback


Gabrielle Scrimshaw


Indigenous Leadership Expert


Bill Taylor


Co-Founder, Fast Company


Daymond John


Founder of Fubu & Shark Tank Star


Frank O’Dea


Founder, Second Cup


Hayley Wickenheiser


Most Decorated Female Canadian Hockey Player In History


John Baird


Former Minister of Foreign Affairs


John Stix


Transformation Specialist


Josh Dueck


X Games Gold Medalist


Mark DeVolder


“The Change Specialist”


Michael “Pinball” Clemons


CFL Hall of Famer


Michelle Ray


Founder, Lead Yourself First Institute


Mike Abrashoff


Former Commander, the USS Benfold


Peter Sheahan


Innovative Business Thinking & Behavior Change Expert


Richard Peddie


Former President and CEO, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment


Rick Hillier


Former Chief of Defence Staff, Canadian Forces


Ryan Walter


Former Stanley Cup Champion


Shawn Achor


Happiness Expert & Positive Psychology Researcher



Devon Brooks


Co-Founder, Blow Dry Bars


Thomas Lawson


Former Chief of Defence Staff, Canadian Forces (2012-2015)


Warren MacDonald


First Double Above-Knee Amputee To Summit Mt. Kilimanjaro


Zahra Ebrahim


Founder and Principal, archiTEXT


Greg Hemmings


Founder at Hemmings House Pictures ltd.


Deborah Perry Piscione


Authority on Changing Mindsets


Kaleb Dahlgren


Diabetes Advocate | Athlete


Damon Stoudamire


Former NBA All-Star | Professional Basketball Coach


The Buried Life


Stars of the Hit MTV Series “The Buried Life”


Doug Lipp


Renowned Leadership Expert


Dale Curd


Host, CBC’s Hello Goodbye


Erik Brown


Founder, Hydronauts Diving


Lane Merrifield


Co-Founder, FreshGrade & Club Penguin


Cassie Campbell


Olympic Gold Medallist & Broadcast Analyst


Vincezo Guzzo


President and CEO, Cinemas Guzzo
Dragon’s Den Star


Tina Varughese


Diversity & Inclusion Expert


Melissa Agnes


Crisis Management Strategist


Hilary Corna


Former Senior Executive Officer, Toyota Asia


Nav Bhatia


Official Raptors Superfan


Michelle Stacy


Former President of KEURIG, INC


Alex Banayan


Bestselling Author, The Third Door | Forbes 30 Under 30


Mary Doyle


Rural Advocate and Canadian Entrepreneur Icon