Fresh Perspectives

Andrew Au


Transformation & Modern Leadership Expert


Andrew Pelling


2017 TED Senior Fellow


Ann Makosinski


Student Inventor and Media Darling


Jonathan Metzl


Bestselling Author, Dying of Whiteness


Shea Emry


Founder, Wellmen


Sunny Lenarduzzi


Founder, Be Your Own Boss


Doug Griffiths


Best Selling Author of 13 Ways to Kill Your Community


Jesse Lipscombe


Co-founder, #MakeItAwkward


Jodi Kovitz


Founder, #movethedial


Mary Young


CEO and Designer, MARY YOUNG


Cesar Kuriyama


Founder, 1 Second Everyday


Humble the Poet


Acclaimed Poet


Florence K


Host, C’est Formidable


Sage Paul


Indigenous Fashion Designer


Kofi Hope


CEO & Co-Founder, Monumental


Dr. Julia Shaw


Best Selling Author, Evil


Jared Lindzon


Future of Work Expert


Beau Lotto


Neuroscientist & Entrepreneur


Talent Bureau is proud to work with so many amazing individuals who are bringing new perspectives and fresh ideas to stages around the world. These great speakers are innovating their respective industries through creative and imaginative thinking. Often controversial, they offer a unique voice to the forum and invite audiences to dig deeper and challenge their previous ways of thinking.