Finance Speakers

Nikolas Badminton




Adam Davidson


Writer at The New Yorker


Jessica Moorhouse


Money Expert, Media Personality, Podcast Host


Daymond John


Star of ABC’s Shark Tank


Dr. Vikram Mansharamani


The #1 Voice in Money, Finance, & Global Economics


Shannon Lee Simmons


Founder, New School of Finance


James Altucher


Bestselling Author


Rob Carrick


Personal Finance Columnist, Globe & Mail


Michale Wekerle


Canadian Finance Expert


David Chilton


The Wealthy Barber


Chantel Chapman


Founder, What the Finances


Dan Sutton


CEO, Tantalus Labs


Alex Kenjeev


President, O’Leary Ventures



Talent Bureau works with leading financial experts who are able to equip your audience with the tools they need to understand the world of finance and make better financial decisions for themselves. Get to know the financial experts that you see on BNN and CNBC and who speak at Davos.


Finance is a broad term for the science of managing money. Many find it quite daunting; the age-old adage is to stop working for money and make money work for you, but the rules and techniques to do so can seem arcane to some. Managing finances is hyper-important to everyone, from the working class single-mom struggling to pay her bills and support her three kids to the executive of a Fortune 500 Company trying to make the most out of her investments. Finances can be personal in nature, balancing the household budget, or they can affect a whole department or business, trying to get the most out of their bottom line.


There’s a bit of a crisis right now, a crisis of financial illiteracy. In part it might have been caused by a lack of education; oftentimes, people don’t learn about managing finances when they’re in school. This has generated problems within Canadian society; Canadians owe $1.70 for every $1.00 of disposable income they earn. Feeling like your debt is insurmountable can create intense feelings of stress and dissatisfaction, but learning techniques to manage your finances better can give you back a sense of control and relief.


For businesses, the proper management of finances is arguably even more important; each business has a number of employees who rely on them for income. When a business folds, those employees no longer have a steady source of cash, so their finances spiral out of control as well. Investing properly, knowing when to spend and when to save, and learning proper cash management techniques can ensure the long-term sustainability of your enterprise. You need to understand what investors are looking for, the state of the global economy, the state of your market, new trends; it can all seem overwhelming when you don’t have the right analytical lenses and procedures in place to evaluate your financial health.


Altogether, this means you want the members of your organization to have a good grasp of their personal finances so they’ll be happy, healthy and productive, while you want executives to have a good grasp of business finance to ensure long-term growth. That means everyone needs to understand finance, and we’ve got talented presenters who can help you achieve just that. David Chilton, the author of Canada’s best-selling The Wealthy Barber, became famous because of his incredible ability to inject humour and levity in the oft-dry world of personal finance; he’s sure to light up the stage and help your people take control of their finances. Chantel Chapman wants you to evaluate your finances through the lens of mindfulness; living in the moment, considering what truly makes you happy, and deciding what’s truly worth purchasing. Adam Davidson is the co-founder of NPR’s absolutely incredible podcast Planet Money; he finds the most exciting stories about the economy and presents them in compelling fashion. On the business side of things, Alex Kenjeev is here to discuss his investment work with O’ Leary Ventures, and James Altucher will help your employees find their entrepreneurial spirit.


All of our presenters have a firm grasp on the nuances of personal or business finance and can present these nuances in a dynamic, personal and compelling way.


Take control of your finances. Make your money work for you. Choose Talent Bureau.