Diversity and Inclusion Speaker

Chantal Hebert


Member, At Issue Panel,  CBC’s The National


Craig Kielburger


Co-Founder of the WE Organizations, WE Charity, Me to WE Social Enterprise, WE Day


Josh Cassidy


Celebrated Paralympian


Josh Dueck


X Games Gold Medalist


Marc Kielburger


Co-Founder of the WE Organizations, WE Charity, Me to WE Social Enterprise, WE Day



Devon Brooks


Co-Founder, Blow Dry Bars


Doug Griffiths



Best Selling Author of 13 Ways to Kill Your Community


Jesse Lipscombe


Co-founder, “#makeitawkward campaign”


Sage Paul


Indigenous Fashion Designer

Jonathan Metzl


Bestselling Author, Dying of Whiteness

Risha Grant


Diversity Consultant

Rachel Loui


International Growth, Google

Hilary Corna


Former Senior Executive Officer, Toyota Asia

Nav Bhatia


Official Raptors Superfan

Talent Bureau works with brilliant speakers with unique, thoughtful expertise on diversity and inclusion in the workplace, in schools, and society. Whether you are looking for a diversity and inclusion speaker with focus on racial, LGBTQ, or religious issues, we can match you with the perfect speaker to share their experience and wisdom on truth and reconciliation in an age of hostility and conflict.


Diversity and inclusion are two of the pillars of a great society. Diversity means variety; a number of different opinions, points of view, and ideas that may challenge the norm. Inclusion means being accepted as a part of society; an individual or group being integrated into the whole. Together, diversity and inclusion mean being open and accepting of a wide array of different histories, cultures, and viewpoints, and using acceptance to integrate the plethora of backgrounds into a stronger whole.


Diversity is everywhere; no two individuals are the same, and any time you learn about an experience that isn’t your own, you’re encountering a different perspective. There are many lenses that can colour our perception of diversity; race, gender, sexual orientation, culture, physical ability, philosophy, and religion can all play a part in how we see the world. Too often, being different from some preconceived norm is construed as negative; our speakers show that being different is what will enable you to excel in everything that you do.


Unique is the word to describe our speakers, and the experiences and ideas that they can share with you will change the way you see the world. They have years of experience; disrupting business norms, creating events to inspire youth, astonishing feats of physical ability, community building and the politics of inclusivity are all on display here from individuals with a wide array of backgrounds, cultures, and skills.


You might be a school or university looking to inspire students, a business looking for fresh ideas and insights, a not-for-profit seeking a powerful message or an event focused on diversity in need of a keynote speaker; no matter your profile, diversity, and inclusion are important to you. The advantages of learning from these speakers are twofold: it will increase appreciation for a variety of viewpoints, and help those in the audiences more readily accept those different from them.


Diverse viewpoints are key to any organization because they promote novel thinking and help avoid oversights. Prior to more diverse workforces, mistakes would be made in product creation because creators were predominately white males; individuals who were not part of that group often found technologies and marketing did not work for them. Less diverse hierarchies are equally susceptible to stagnant views on everything from design to corporate structuring; the more new ideas that come in, the better the final product or service should be, so long as those ideas are taken seriously.


That’s where inclusion comes in; all the stakeholders in your organization should learn the importance of inclusivity. Without it, great ideas may be tossed aside, deemed too “out there” because of the narrow lens through which any one individual views the world. Learning about new backgrounds and cultures necessarily widens the lens through which we experience reality because by empathizing with a person’s experience, their lives and stories become a part of who we are.


Our speakers will inspire you; they’ll create discussion, give thoughtful advice and insight, and spark innovation. We have speakers focused on issues affecting marginalized groups, all of whom have had astounding success because, and not in spite of, their backgrounds. Embrace change; get in touch with us.