Creativity Speakers

Duncan Wardle


Former Head of Innovation and Creativity, The Walt Disney Company


Nikolas Badminton




Terry O’Reilly


Host, Under The Influence



Andrew Pelling



2017 TED Senior Fellow


Matthew Luhn


Expert Storyteller


Humble the Poet


Acclaimed Poet


Doug Lipp


Renowned Leadership Expert


Joel Cohen


Emmy-Winning Writer & Co-Executive Producer, The Simpsons


Lane Merrifield


Co-Founder, FreshGrade & Club Penguin



Talent Bureau works with the top creative leaders across all industries who will inspire your audience with their imaginative and innovative perspectives. Whether you want to devise a new digital marketing strategy, develop a brilliant new product, or foster a more effective work environment, our speakers will help you shift your strategy and find new, creative solutions.


Thinking about creativity is always a feat of metacognition. As soon as you ask yourself “Am I thinking creatively?”, you might immediately reflect on all the ways that you’re not; how your thought patterns are inside-the-box, tired, tried and true. You might hear that you’re creative from other people but doubt it; after all, you can only think within the parameters of your own mind, and there’s no territory you know better. How do you uncover new ways of thinking, new methods of seeing the world that feel novel even to you? There’s no one answer, but there are practices you can put into place to encourage creative growth.


The first one is to practice. The late, great Bob Ross said imagination is a muscle; the more you use it, the bigger it grows. That means that even people who claim they aren’t creative can be. What’s more, creativity creates a positive feedback loop, because being exposed to the creativity of others increases our own. This happens because exposure to new ideas forces our brains to consider reality in ways it never had before; it twists the mind back onto itself, making us capable of reflecting on our own thoughts and finding new and innovative ways of considering our habits.


Creativity is a strange creature; it abhors a vacuum but thrives in boredom; just think of the number of creative ways people find to waste time when there’s nothing better to do! To channel this into useful energy takes a great deal of skill, but any organization should strive to foster feelings of creative ability. The creative feedback loop will give every member of your community the ability to question procedures and propose solutions to newly perceived problems. Such solutions, when properly implemented, will increase productivity and satisfaction over time, and may even improve on the end product or service you provide. Sports teams, charities, startups; everyone can benefit from seeing the world in a way no one else has before. Creativity is the best way to get a competitive edge.


Storytelling is one of the keys to creativity; if asked to make a narrative about a struggling French chef, how would you go about it? Matthew Luhn might incorporate a rat as commentary about classism, like in one of the many Pixar films he worked on, Ratatouille. Joel Cohen, on the other hand, might point you to a chef-turned-assassin who tries to kill restaurant critics, like in an episode of the show he writes for, The Simpsons. Radically different characters with the same writing prompt; that’s creativity! Can’t think of your own French chef? Humble the Poet will encourage you to cut yourself some slack; creative thinking requires empathy for yourself, so don’t get worried if you’re at a roadblock. You’ll find a way around it soon enough!


Creativity is the key to so much in life. It’s the key to innovating, which is an incredible asset for any organization; it’s also the key to self-reflection. When life has got you down, you need to be creative to analyze what’s happening from a new perspective, shift your priorities and coping mechanisms, to keep living your best life. All of our presenters have found creative ways of expressing themselves and accomplishing their goals, and they’ll share their stories and techniques with you. We create ourselves, through our actions and words and thoughts, so be creative and dream big!


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