Change Management Speakers

Bill Walton


NBA Legend


Doug Lipp


Renowned Leadership Expert


Hayley Wickenheiser


Most Decorated Female Canadian Hockey Player In History


Josh Dueck


X Games Gold Medalist


Mark DeVolder


“The Change Specialist”


Peter Sheahan


Innovative Business Thinking & Behavior Change Expert


Linda Duxbury


Professor, Sprott School of Business


Anthony Calvillo


Professional Football’s All-Time Leading Passer


Melissa Agnes


Crisis Management Strategist


Ryan Walter


Former Stanley Cup Champion


Ted Graham


Head of Open Innovation – General Motors


Warren MacDonald


First Double Above-Knee Amputee To Summit Mt. Kilimanjaro


Doug Griffiths



Best Selling Author of 13 Ways to Kill Your Community


Robot workers, freelance and sharing economies, mobile workplaces – how should companies engage with these and other major trends? Talent Bureau represents the best change management experts who speak on the top processes and tools for change management in the workplace.


Life is change. Consider that you change every time you move, you age every second that passes by. Change can come quickly; a new job, a new house, a new partner. It can come slowly, the almost imperceptible shifts in personality and thinking that mark our lives, only noticeable in hindsight, when you realize “I’m a different person, now”. Change must be embraced, for as long as we are changing, we are alive; it only stops when we are gone from this world, and even then it shifts, as those who remember us change too.


Change management, then, is not about stopping change, nor is it just about making change more palatable. True change management involves the entire organization; it must be a shift in consciousness, a radical embrace of the inevitability of change as a sign of growth and development. Managing change isn’t just about metrics; it’s about mental health, fortitude, creativity and curiosity. Adopting the right mindset about change can alter anyone’s life in an extremely positive way; events that once seemed turbulent will instead be seen as a positive change in your life.


Robots and automation are threatening jobs? No, they’re simply creating new niches for people to explore, new markets that can be won by hard-working individuals; automation is an opportunity, not a threat. Property is getting more expensive, and you can’t move into the office you’d like to? An incredible possibility is arranging for more work-from-home and teleconferencing to leverage existing infrastructure. The Internet has neutered the ability for big box stores to make money? Consider making your space a place where events happen, selling online, and advertising through social media. Change management is about managing perspective and expectation; when something looks like a negative, creative thinking and positive engagement turn it into an opportunity.


Mark DeVolder is known as “The Change Specialist”; he’ll talk about how to adapt to extreme change by shifting the way you think, enabling you to overcome change paralysis and embrace the possibilities inherent in drastic transformations. Peter Sheahan, founder of Karrikins Group explores how you can flip the anxiety induced by disruptions and shifts into positive, forward-thinking opportunity. Dr. Linda Duxbury analyzes the differences between all the generations who are in the workplace right now, and how Veterans leaving and Millennials entering the workforce will create a change of priorities and dynamics.


Change is dynamic. Our speakers are too, having embraced change in their own workplaces and lives. They’ll instill you with a sense of excitement about the positive changes that will come, and resilience to the negative feelings that can sometimes come up with drastic change. There are speakers who can explore change in the workplace, change on a sports team, and most importantly, how to address change in our personal lives, so everyone in your organization is better equipped to integrate change – for the better. No matter which speaker you choose, you’ll be sure to experience a positive change by the end of their presentation.


Embrace new opportunities. Flip your mindset. Choose Talent Bureau.