Business Strategy Speakers

Dr. Sherry Cooper


Former Chief Economist, BMO Financial Group


Melissa Sariffodeen


Co-Founder & CEO at Canada Learning Code


Kevin O’Leary


Shark Tank & Dragon’s Den


Ted Graham


Head, Open Innovation – General Motors


Marc Randolph


Co-Founder, Netflix


Melissa Agnes


Crisis Management Strategist


Steve Wozniak


Co-founder, Apple


Terry McBride


CEO and Co-Founder, Nettwerk Music Group


Devon Brooks


Co-Founder, Blow Dry Bars


Dan Fricker


Head of Business Operations, Shopify Media


Doug Griffiths


Best Selling Author of 13 Ways to Kill Your Community


Arlene Dickinson


CEO of Venture Communications


Charlie Grinnell


Chief Strategy Officer, RightMetric


Terry O’Reilly


Host, Under The Influence


Michael Wekerle


Canadian Finance Expert


Lane Merrifield


Co-Founder, FreshGrade & Club Penguin


Vincenzo Guzzo


President and CEO, Cinemas Guzzo
Dragon’s Den Star


Jason Feifer


Editor in Chief, Entrepreneur Mag


Paul Barter


Exponential Technology Consultant


Hilary Corna


Former Senior Executive Officer, Toyota Asia


Nav Bhatia


Official Raptors Superfan



Talent Bureau offers you the best business strategy experts to speak at your next event. Whether you are looking for insights on small business strategy or large-scale corporate strategy, our leading business strategy speakers can offer practical tools that will revolutionize the way that you and your organization conduct business. We work with the CEOs of major brands, stars from shows like Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den and the top business strategists in the game. They can cover a variety of topics, including finding the right business strategy for you, business strategy and the environment, performance measurement and change management.


Business strategy is a broad term, sometimes vague and ill-defined, that is nevertheless the most important part of your business. Strategy is a top-down look at every element of your business, and without a cohesive plan, you’ll find it difficult to move forward, whether you’re a scrappy young startup or a well-established player in your field. Business strategy means knowing what field you’re in, how to leverage your unique skills to take advantage of your position, what you shouldn’t do so you can invest resources properly (trade-offs), and how to align your various business lines and departments to create a cohesive unit.


This is the realm of ideas and planning; like an Ancient Roman general, it is about leveraging your advantages and covering your weaknesses so that you can triumph on the field of battle, and win the war of efficiency, market share and innovation. You need that spark, the energy that’s going to inspire you to come up with a plan, as well as knowledge – the experience and ideas that will make it possible to execute and follow-through on what you’ve conceptualized. You need speakers who will inspire and teach.


Our speakers will inspire you; they’ll dazzle you, make you laugh, even make you hold your breath in wonder and awe. They are entertaining, they’ve been on Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank, they’ve given hundreds of hours worth of interviews and talks, they’ve mastered the art of oration. They’ve accomplished truly incredible things; they are the founders of successful businesses, like Netflix and Apple. They are industry movers and shakers who have disrupted entire ways of thinking and living; they have probably had a profound effect on your life.


They are experienced; they know the road to success isn’t easy, that it comes with setbacks and failures and detours; that inspiration comes from the strangest places, and that you rarely end up where you thought you would. They won’t give you trite advice; their success is hard-won, and they have real stories you can sink your teeth in, grizzled veterans from the battlefield of business. Their knowledge will enable you to better understand the complex dynamics that go into making any cohesive strategy, and their keen sense of tactics will enable you to execute on any plan you conceive.


These speakers are perfect for any size of business; even a professional conference can benefit from the ideas and insight from these titans of industry. They’ll help you go beyond strategic planning, and help you learn strategic thinking – the ability to connect seemingly disparate pieces of information to conceptualize entirely new dynamics and systems. The deeper meanings behind their stories will inspire students, interns, workers, managers and CEOs alike; anyone in your organization will find themselves thinking in new ways after seeing our speakers.


The strategy of any good business must involve the development of its members; an organization is only as good as those within it. We are committed to delivering an unforgettable experience; not one that impresses only in style, but in substance, a true, positive transformation of your business. Disrupt expectations; contact us.