Meet the Newest Member of Our Team, Nick

Remember going to school for four years to major in Public Relations and then leaving the industry less than two years after landing a career in it? Well, I do.

In 2017, I was growing my skills at one of Toronto’s most well-known public relations agencies, when everything changed. Our internal team was tasked at launching the world’s most prominent audiobook company into the Canadian market and we needed to create brand partnerships with some of Canada’s most well-known personalities and influencers to spark a buzz. That’s the first time I turned to Talent Bureau for help.

Talent Bureau co-founders Jeff Jacobson and Jeff Lohnes helped our team establish two partnerships that sparked interest in the product launch from coast-to-coast. The best part? The two made it simple and effective to make these partnerships come to life in ways that a talent agent had never done for me in the past, like setting up one-on-one brainstorms with these prominent stars who, prior to this, seemed inaccessible without constant coddling from their agents (Ask me about “The Biz Call” next time you see me, it’ll make you laugh).

Working with Talent Bureau for that campaign was such a success that we did again for another agency client, which lead to positive national news stories about that client across Canada.

But after that, it left me thinking, why are more public relations agencies not turning to companies like Talent Bureau to simplify their processes? With time crunches and budgets burning quick, why isn’t talent acquisition research being off-sourced to companies that can make their lives easier without charging agencies a dollar, have a network of over a thousand speakers, can provide talent availability, and more, thus leaving more in client budgets to use for other tasks?

The math didn’t add up in my head and crunching past numbers from my PR experience is when the thought came to me: I can be the person behind making the talent, influencer and speaker process easier. I can make it easier for my friends who I worked with, former classmates now in the public relations world, and fellow agency and internal PR staffers across Canada. So fast forward to January 2019 and here I am in my third month at Talent Bureau, going from the agency world to the talent world to help make PR lives easier.

In just the first three months of working at Talent Bureau, I’ve been able to help PR teams find talent options, that in turn, have made them look great in their client’s eyes. Within just a couple of hours, our team is able to generate a strong list of talent suggestions, including their fees, for any team that needs it just by letting us know what they’re looking for. Who doesn’t want those couple hours back in their day to work on other important tasks?

Why don’t we grab a coffee (my treat) downtown and I can walk you through a few pointers on the business of working with talent and how a bureau like Talent Bureau makes your life a hell of a lot easier. I’m just an email, ne@talentbureau.com, or text, 905-802-8969, away.