Five New & Newsworthy Speakers: March 2023

4 Minute Read | We’ve added some fresh new faces to our talent roster. Learn more about them below. 

We’ve recently added some new faces to the Talent Bureau roster! As one of Canada’s leading speaker bureaus, we constantly challenge ourselves to find the most exciting individuals pushing beyond the limits in their respective films.

These new & notable speakers bring a unique perspective to audiences in North America and beyond. Consider one of these memorable speakers to share their expertise and incredible passion with your audience.

Beverly Priestman – Leadership Expert | Head Coach, Canadian Women’s National Soccer Team

Transform your team with Beverly’s gold-medal lessons. As the coach of the Canadian Women’s National Soccer team, Beverly is aware of the great need for collaboration and genuine teamwork. Beverly can help your team redefine challenges with a winning mindset and embrace effective communication strategies to reach personal and professional goals.

Omari Newton – Motivational Artist & Inclusion Mentor | Award-Winning Actor

Omari leverages his artistic genius to offer poetic and pointed lessons on our past and a look at a brighter future. He will leave audiences with hope and inspiration to start building a more equitable tomorrow. His creativity and honest dialogue about racism, privilege and the need for social change spark motivation to introduce conversations about culture and change in the workplace.

Brandi Morin – Indigenous Author | Journalist | Survivor of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Crisis

Brandi uses her voice to shed light on Indigenous oppression in North America. Her distinct empathetic, clear-eyed reporting has won her numerous awards in journalism, including the 2022 Edward Murrow award. She has been a key leader in the advocacy of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Crisis. Her live presentations leave audiences educated, emotional and educated on Indigenous life. 

Prasanna Ranganathan – DEIB Leader | Canadian Writer & Media Correspondent

Prasanna demonstrates the importance of diversity as a tool for transformative change through the power of his storytelling. Weaving his personal experiences as a person with a disability, his experiences as a human rights lawyer, and incredible pop culture references, Prasanna offers audiences a distinct and unforgettable experience as he teaches them the importance of acceptance and inclusion.

Jaclyn Whittal – Meteorologist | Journalist | Storm chaser | Explorer | International Fellow of The Explorers Club

Jaclyn’s storm-chasing experience has taught her to adapt to change and stay fearless in the face of danger. As she recalls her adrenaline-filled stories, your audience will learn about our changing climate and the importance of trusting their instincts in times of uncertainty.

Henoc Muamba – CFL MVP | Community Champion

Henoc is an inspiration and master motivator on and off the field. Thinking that the cup is always half full, Henoc uses his positivity and personal life lessons to teach organizations that any goal is an attainable one – as long as you commit to it. Using his trademark 3 Cs strategy, Henoc reminds you that reaching your organization’s goal requires focus and precision but also teamwork and a realistic approach. Let Henoc guide your team to step out of your comfort zone and into greatness, one step at a time!

Dr. Jody Carrington – Renowned Psychologist | Human Connection Expert | Bestselling Author

Jody has been connecting with audiences on her North American “Feeling Seen” book tour. Feeling Seen, which debuted as a National Bestseller, has reminded folks that to heal, we must remember to connect and acknowledge those around us. Jody has been named one of the more revolutionary psychologists with her work on reconnection and is greatly in demand. Ending EVERY keynote and event with a standing ovation, she’s truly bringing a #reconnectionrevolution to North America. Did you catch her live on her book tour? If so, let us know what you thought about it at hello@talentbureau.com.

Next Steps

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