Influencer Services

Today, there are many challenges in the influencer and digital media space.

Misinformation, misunderstood scale and reach, poor measurement of campaign effectiveness and complicated new systems: we help you sort it all out. After years of researching and meeting with leaders in the field and successfully executing campaigns, we have equipped ourselves to help clients navigate the complicated ecosystem, both for companies as well as influencers themselves.

We created this not just to help companies and brands, but influencers themselves. Working with some of North America’s top social influencers, we created this division to help brands connect with our talent in a way that goes beyond the keynote. And we created it to help influencers connect with us to help them grow their businesses.

For brands, we can help you:


Put you in touch with social influencer personalities that are relevant to your brand or specific campaign/promotion.


Create multi-channel campaigns that can cover sponsored/branded posts on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and more.


Okay, this one we can't guarantee, but we promise to try our best. What we CAN do is create authentic marketing channels to help you reach a more relevant and engaged audience.

For influencers, we can help you:


Source personal appearance opportunities with companies, product launches, events and more.


Connect with brands who want to feature you in either social or traditional campaigns.


Merchandise yourself and create products that augment your brand: think books, clothing, food and beyond.

Interested in any of our influencer services? We want to hear from you.