Get Motivated Right Now!

Get Motivated Right Now!

I really didn’t want to write this blog about motivation; it’s Friday, the sun’s already down even though it’s only 5 PM, and I just want to relax; that said, it needed to get done. Fortunately, when writing about motivation, you have to read about motivation, to understand it intimately and, believe it or not, that’s usually enough to get you going. I can tell you I decided to write this article now not because of how bad I’d feel if I didn’t, but because of how good it would feel when I was done.

That’s one of the key points of motivation, for me; not focusing on the negatives, but focusing on the positive. When it’s time to work out, don’t focus on how much effort it’s going to take to work out, or how bad you’ll feel if you don’t, or even how your body doesn’t look the way you want it to. Focus instead on the great sensations you get from working out, how good the soreness in your muscles can feel, how nice the endorphin rush from a good workout is, how giddy you can be after you break a personal best. Sometimes it can feel tough to stay positive, so remember to speak positively and hang around positive, life-affirming people; negativity can dampen your spirits, but positivity can set them alight.

When you’re trying to stay motivated, you can develop a pernicious pattern of thinking that goes something like this: you accomplish a little thing, then you feel your motivation decrease. You start to panic because you’re not feeling motivated, and the negativity caused by that panic can create a vicious cycle. Breaking that cycle can be hard, so there are two things you should stay mindful of. The first is that motivation, like anything in life, ebbs, and flows. You might work really hard one day, and not be able to muster the energy the next; don’t panic, your motivation will return. Celebrate small goals and milestones, rather than being solely focused on the end of the project; it’s all about the journey, after all.

While motivation, positivity and free, what-can-I-learn-along-the-way thinking are all theoretically wonderful, it can be difficult when you feel like you have to go it alone. No man is an island, great leaders need an amazing team, and sometimes you need someone to help you get motivated. A lot of people think of motivation like a fire, but I think of it more as a gas; it’s always there, ready to fuel you to new frontiers, but sometimes it needs a spark so that it can set your passions aflame. Other people can often be that spark; friends, family or colleagues can really help. One incredible way of getting your team motivated is by hiring a motivational speaker; they’re kind of like professional spark lighters, ready to set the whole team ablaze in passion.

The most important thing to remember about motivation is this; it needs to be directed at things you can control. When we’re motivated to change what’s outside of our control, like another person’s habits or personality, we’ll only find frustration. Own what’s in your wheelhouse, and let go of what’s not.