Dr. Jody Carrington’s National Bestseller Feeling Seen

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Build a culture of connection and mindful leadership with NATIONAL BESTSELLING AUTHOR, RENOWNED PSYCHOLOGIST and HUMAN CONNECTION EXPERT:

Dr. Jody Carrington is leading a reconnection revolution catching leaders’ attention across North America. Her message of communication and connection has inspired large organizations to reframe their approach to building a culture of connection. Jody’s presentations have taught leaders to connect deeply with their teams, which has resulted in better employee engagement, performance and collaboration.

Her message is simple: staying connected is the most direct route to happiness.

No stranger to standing ovations, Jody has redefined what it means to be a great leader. Jody uses scientific research and anecdotes from her applied work to demonstrate how emotional regulation and clear communication create the formula for successful leadership. Additionally, Jody’s hilarious approach to important issues ensures that your audience will be captivated and motivated.

Today, Jody’s third book, Feeling Seen (HarperCollins), debuts. Already a NATIONAL BESTSELLER, Feeling Seen is the ultimate road map to reconnection.

See Jody Live

Upcoming Dates*

Toronto | January 28 | Glenn Gould Studio | 7 PM

Halifax | February 1 | Bella Rose Arts Theatre | 7 PM

Vancouver | February 4 | The Cultch’s, York Theatre | 7 PM  SOLD OUT

Saskatoon | February 11 | Broadway Theatre | 2 PM

Saskatoon | February 11 | Broadway Theatre | 7 PM  SOLD OUT

St. John’s | February 20 | LSPU Hall | 7 PM SOLD OUT

NYC | March 14 | Manhattan | 7 PM

Winnipeg | May 15 | Museum of Human Rights | 7 PM

Calgary | May 24 | Martha Cohen Theatre | 7 PM SOLD OUT

Purchase tickets: https://www.drjodycarrington.com/feeling-seen-tour/
*Last updated on January 16th at 5 PM EST