The Dragons and Sharks Return!

The Dragons and Sharks Return!

Get your creative claws out! Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den are both back. The Sharks and Dragons are ready to find some new and refreshing business ideas. Who knows what we’ll see this year! A bluray that creates holographs? Wine-flavoured sleeping pills? Maybe heated ear gloves? Apparently, we might get an avocado bar (millenials rejoice!).

Are you and your team feeling inspired by the season premieres? Bring in a real-life Dragon or Shark to get those juices flowing at your company/organization! Check out the alumni and cast we have to offer.

P.S.A: Don’t search “book a shark”  or “book a dragon” on Google. We 100% guarantee you that you’re not going to find what you’re looking for. Well, unless you’re looking for some cold-blooded scary animals. Use our guide instead.

Meet the Sharks and Dragons

Lane Merrifield


Co-Founder, FreshGrade & Club Penguin


Arlene Dickinson


CEO of Venture Communications


Daymond Johnson


Founder of Fubu 


Michael Wekerle


Canadian Finance Expert


Vincenzo Guzzo


President and CEO, Cinemas Guzzo


Kevin O’Leary


Shark Tank & Dragon’s Den